it's more than a's family.

Hey! My name is Erin. I’m a mom to 3 kiddos and a wife to their amazing dad. 
We live in Kitchener, Ontario, and love to be active, silly and explore the world together! My husband and I lived in California for years before we decided to move back to Canada to start a family. He was born in Trinidad and Tobago and lived in the USA for many years, and I'm a Canadian girl! Our backgrounds and cultures are different, we come from different countries and have different customs, but that's what makes our family special. Being able to experience all of the wonderful things that make us who we are is a gift and it's worth celebrating!

My husband and I make it a point to encourage our kids to love and accept themselves for who they are and where they came from. Together as a family, we enjoy exploring all different kinds of cultures, customs and heritages! 

iambaby is my official "fourth child" and was born in 2016 during a trip to Centre Island in Toronto, Ontario, one hot summer day. While my family and I enjoyed a picnic, we looked around at all the other families walking by. We kept noticing how there were so many people representing their country with either a flag tied to their stroller, or wearing a t-shirt to showcase their heritage and diversity. It just clicked for us and I knew I wanted to start a business that would embody how unique each family really is. I want to celebrate you and your family! 

Thank you for stopping by and supporting my small business!

 I look forward to seeing you and your family soon! 
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