Home Birth with i am baby

Hey Mommies!
I have been doing a few trade shows in the past few months and having an absolute blast! I realize that there is 2 main reasons that I started this company in the first place. Number 1- I love babies and know that they deserve the absolute softest and highest quality products the market has to offer. Number 2- when families come in my path, I love to speak with you all and learn about your experiences and cultures ! It’s so exciting and wonderful to me when I hear of couples that come in to my booth, and connect with the product on such a deep level !
Take Helen and her husband for instance; they came to my booth at the BabyShow at the end of September! We all chatted and we discussed that Helen is from the UK and obviously loved our Union Jack and her husband is a born Canadian man:) They purchased the i am Canadian and i am British and were on their way! I knew Helen was a short way away from her due date, however, none of us knew that her now new baby girl Scarlett, arrived just days after the show !
Helen came to visit me again at my booth at the BabyTime show a few weeks ago. She informed me of the news, I met baby girl and she told me all about her experience:)
She had me crying tears of joy in the booth, and really made me remember why I am doing this business in the first place.
I asked Helen if she would write a little something for me to share with all of you!

“Three days after my due date, my beautiful Scarlett made her appearance in to the world, September 29th. Scarlett’s arrival was a lot quicker than expected, which as a first time mum I was delighted with. We weren’t however expecting to have a home birth, which ended up being the most wonderful experience I will cherish forever. With that being said we don’t have the traditional hospital newborn photos, with the white blanket with blue stripes. We are however honored to have the first pictures of Scarlett wrapped in not one but two of i am baby’s swaddle blankets. This picture truly captures our family, a multi cultural family, myself originally from the UK and my husband a born and bred Canadian!

Knowing our precious Scarlett’s first touch was with i am baby’s organic swaddle blankets just felt right. Having the added bonus of the union jack and Canadian flag prominent for her first photo to the world, is an image we won’t forget and will treasure forever! The reason we picked i am baby’s swaddle blankets was not only for how they’re made but their unique multi cultural designs, depicted in an array of colours.

This picture speaks a thousand words to my husband and I and we are so thankful to i am baby for making it even more special!!” -Helen

I love the families. I love the connections and most I love the moments that you all want to share with me.
We aren’t just a baby blanket company. We are a brand that wants to change the world by making people remember and be proud to represent the country they came from. Let’s all be proud of who we are and where it all began for us:) This life is so special and it should be shared and shouted from the roof tops how happy we are to be WHO we are !!!

xo Erin