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Hi everyone I’m Erin!

This is my first blog ever! Pretty much fresh off the blog boat 😉 I’m trying to navigate what’s what; who’s who and what exactly people want to hear?

I have done my fair share of reading Mommy blogs. Usually I’m in tears… not sure if its my hormones or I am just losing my mind! I caught myself almost peeing my pant at some of the #momtruths these women had to share! I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to be ballsy enough to say what these women are literally spreading to the world! I love it 😉 Its like we Mom’s are all in the trust tree of the Mommy blog world!

Lets put it out there, being a mom is tough work!!! Women that say it isn’t are lost and delusional.

I have a 3yr old daughter and a son who will be 1 and a half. Its rough at times slash most times 🙂 I hate when I go to these play groups and there are those Mom’s there that are fully focused on their one child that is laying on the play mat quietly, while trying to tell me that everything is such a miracle and being a Mom is such a joy! Not to mention how could anyone possibly not enjoy being a stay at home Mom? Well those ladies must be standing on a completely different planet to me! I’m usually late to the groups because I can never calculate enough time to get my kids into the car and arrive by 9am! Even though I’ve been up since 630am!!! It’s all I can do to keep my eyes on my 2 monkeys once I arrive!

I love my kids, and my life more then anything. But don’t tell me for a second that there isn’t days you don’t wish you had a babysitter and a stiff drink at 11am!

We moms need to stop being in competition with each other. This isn’t a race ladies! No one gets a medal if their kid stops wetting their pants by 20 months! It’s survival of the fittest!  We need to build each other up. Support one another. Share highs AND lows. Learn some stuff. And at the end of the day, do what works best for us in our life, under our own personal circumstances, and have some damn fun!

I am hoping to spend some more time blogging, dishing, gossiping, and most of all learning from all you awesome Mommas out there!

Thanks for checking out my page!


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