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Canada 150

Happy almost Canada Day Mommies 🙂

All the real Canadian’s please stand up, please stand up, please stand up! Oh sorry that’s from my old hip-hop Eminem obsessed days, when it was cool to roll down your windows and smoke, while bopping your head to some “beats”!


I am a proud Cunnuck through and through! I was that loser who lived in the USA for a few years and still cheered loud and proud at sports bars for the Raptors, Leafs and Jays! (Even though they were not usually winning or even doing well!)

Canada 150 eh?! I don’t know about you, but this really excites me! Mainly because I can colour coordinate my flowers at the front of my house, buy red and white clothes for the kiddies and I, and also just enjoy a good time with family and friends! So get this; I’m so Canadian I actually celebrated Canada 149, and Canada 151 will be just as EPIC for me! I truly feel so fortunate to be here in Canada considering everything that’s going on around the world these days. I’m living the Canadian dream!

Cheers to Canada 150, and for all the years to come! Sharing with friends and family this time of year is what its all about!!! Especially when you’re sporting some Canadian digs, have maple syrup spilt all over you, poutine breath, and have the Montreal smoked meat sweats!!

If you feel the same, love Canada and want to share your family’s story, tag us on Instagram @iambabydotca with your Canada 150 pics!!! #TheOnlyThingILoveMoreThanCandadaIsCanada

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