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Hey Mommies 🙂

I don’t claim to be perfect, not even by a long shot, But as cliché as it sounds, one thing I have come to realize is that it’s always better to give than to receive. (Took me long enough 🙂 )


I read this amazing post on Instagram a long time ago, and it has always stuck with me.  It read,  “The reason I LOVE giving is not because I’m the best at it… its because its practical, good for future business and honestly it just feels nice… by being the person that gives first and most often you gain leverage and I promise that’s the best feeling you can have in business and in life”. These are words I eat, sleep and breathe these days!

I have spent my life being very blessed. I never really had to struggle or wish too hard for something as a child. After I finished College, I moved to Toronto and had a few jobs. I was making good money, or at least enough to pay rent, take cabs and buy clothes whenever I wanted to. It felt like I was really living the dream! Unfortunately though, I was selfish! I’m sure there’s millions of Mom’s who can relate to this!

Since having kids my whole outlook on anything child related has changed drastically. There are so many kids struggling with countless issues. For instance, there’s childhood obesity, mental illnesses, birth defects and EVEN childhood hunger. All of this is heart breaking, especially as a parent. If I could save them all, I would.  With that in mind, I decided I wanted to add a charity aspect to my business. I want to give back to the Canadian community and really make a difference.

So next time you’re cursing in your car because you’ve been sent on an unwanted guilt trip at the Wal-Mart, Costco and LCBO checkout, and now your donation tab is at 20 bucks for the day … try to take a deep breath and realize your money is making a huge difference. Annnnnnnd… if you are still upset… pour yourself a glass of whatever you got at the LCBO 🙂


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